Friday, January 21, 2011

Cisco Fixes Security Certification Migration Path


Cisco Straightens Out Security Certification Migration Path

As one of the leaders of the most sought-after information technology certifications in the industry, Cisco caused a lot of confusion when they recently restructured their certification programs. In an effort to simplify the whirlwind of letters and acronyms that one encounters when certifying with Cisco, they created a mass of confusion for those people currently working on getting certified under the old system and those that are currently certified but do not their options for re-certifying.

Announcing on their Learning@Cisco web site, Cisco made changes to the certification program regarding Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), a hot Cisco cert to get. The announcement end-of-lifed the CCSP as of April 2011 and then also they only recognize it until 2014, the 3 year active period. Security certification would, in the future, fall under the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification. Questions arose surrounding those people in the middle of their obtaining their CCSP certification and those with current active CCSP certs. Cisco had not made any indication about potential migration in their announcement, which left things in limbo. Well, it did not take them long to respond with a CCSP Certification Tool that helps prospects untangle the exam requirements, and lets them know where they stand in the certification process.

For those currently seeking the CCSP security certification through Cisco or for those that will need to re-certify in the future and need to know how they fit in the new security certification structure, Cisco has detailed the necessary migration path. They even provide a handy "CCSP Certification Tool" that helps ensure that your investment in your certification is not wasted.


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