Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jobs - Growth ahead for federal IT services contracts

Jobs! IT services contracts could nearly double by 2015, report forecasts

While budgets are tightening across the federal government, the outlook for information technology service contractors serving federal agencies is surprisingly upbeat ; moreover,  the segment is likely to grow during the next four years, according to a new report today.

Demand for federal IT contracting services is expected to increase from $38 billion in 2010 to $52 billion in 2015, according to the report from Input Inc. market research firm in Reston, Va.

"What we are seeing is a fairly minimal short-term impact in the IT services contracting sphere relative to other areas of contracting," Slye said. "Due to contemporary demands, including data center consolidation, enhancements in cybersecurity and national trends toward cloud computing, the IT service industry will be equipped to bear the force of federal cuts better than others."

"The ensuing reduction will become a huge propellant for the IT marketplace, requiring an increase in the need for systems operations upgrades in addition to consulting services," Slye wrote.

The report said IT services will be needed to manage growth in cybersecurity, business intelligence, process automation, data proliferation, and mobility and service-oriented architectures.


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