Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Train Students for the Future - Todd Lammle speech

Todd Lammle hosted an insightful and interesting session at our EMEA Member conference entitled “Relevant Certification Training for This Decade: How to Train Our Students for The Future—Now!”  Lammle sees issues with the way our current learning methods engage our learners; in an era of instant information and fast moving technology, it’s becoming harder and harder to get a student to sit down and actually read a book.  In fact, Lammle himself has reached a point in his life that even he can’t sit down and read a book.
We need to find fresh, compelling ways to not only entice learners into wanting to study a subject, but also to keep the subject interesting as well as to present the information in a way that is engaging and compelling to the learner.
Lammle discussed issues that are looming on the horizon that we are presently not addressing with our current technical training. For example, the Internet user base is growing at a rapid rate and we currently do not have the infrastructure to support the user numbers that we are projected to reach over the next few years. In the U.K. by 2013, our Internet infrastructure will not be sustainable unless these issues are addressed.  Lammle raised interesting points on how we need to start training the next generation on how to resolve these potential issues.  This thought-provoking session gave the audience, from certification vendors to training delivery companies to IT vendors, some great insight on the way our industry is evolving. has engaging, interactive DVD-ROM based training materials for the IT Industry.

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