Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fastest Growing Fields in the U.S. for Jobs?

I would say wheat or corn. Just kidding.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Career?

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S. workforce. The demand for IT workers is on the rise, while median wages for IT job roles are nearly twice the national average of $40,690.* Eight in 10 HR executives say it’s difficult to find a candidate with the right skills to fill their job openings. Businesses are expected to do more with less, especially in challenging economic times. Finding that right candidate is critical. 

Vendor certifications simplify the hiring process by providing proof of baseline knowledge and the skill sets needed for IT jobs. Certifications that map to specific job roles are important so that a job candidate has the ability to immediately become a valuable contributor to the workplace.

Fifty-three percent of IT hiring managers said certifications saved them time and money when evaluating job candidates, according to a 2011 CompTIA study. Eighty-six percent of hiring managers said IT certifications were a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process.

Training Camp's SteppingStone Program Can Help!

  • For Veterans: Our VALOR program is aimed at providing employment opportunities for our nation's returning war veterans. The initiative is designed to help in training hundreds of veterans for I.T. jobs upon their return from serving our nation overseas and to help them in transitioning to IT careers. If you are a veteran, or a company that employs our nation’s veterans, we offer reduced-cost programs to promote this education.
  • For the Unemployed or Under-Employed: Training Camp created the SteppingStone program in 2009, featuring special training packages, online learning, and webinars designed specifically to address the needs of unemployed IT professionals in today’s economy. These offerings are designed to offer the lowest possible costs to assist in re-educating our workforce.
    Our programs are geared toward the specific skills and certifications that employers most often demand. This ensures that our students have an advantage and are ready for success.

Over 1600 students have taken advantage of our training opportunities made available to qualifying candidates who found themselves either unemployed or under-employed. Many of these students have achieved certification, and nearly 150 students enrolled in additional training programs with Training Camp since finding employment after attending one of our SteppingStone programs.

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