Friday, February 3, 2012

PgMP credential FAQ


What do I have to do to earn the PgMP?

All candidates must pass three evaluations that include:
Application panel review during which a panel of program managers look at your work experience and verify any aspect of your application.
The multiple-choice examination calls upon you to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge to a variety of situational or scenario-based questions.
The multi-rater assessment (similar to a 360-degree review process) calls upon a team of raters that you select to evaluate your competence to perform tasks that are pertinent to program management as defined through the examination specification.

Who are the application reviewers?

A panel of program managers has been appointed to serve as the application reviewers for PgMP credential. PMI carefully selected members of this panel for their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of program management. Since PMI appoints these members, there is no formal process available to the public to serve as a volunteer in this capacity. To protect applicants against any potential review bias, PMI will not provide candidate names, demographics, or employment information to the reviewers.

How much time does the multi-rater assessment (MRA) take?

During the application submission process, you provided 12 professional contacts to participate in the MRA. After PMI receives your passing score for the multiple-choice exam, PMI will automatically begin the MRA process. PMI will send an e-mail containing a link to a web-based survey to you (you will perform a self evaluation), and to the 12 reference contacts you provided. The MRA survey will be available to the invited contacts for three calendar weeks.

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