Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating Urban Youth Success Stories with Real World Skills Training

If you want to see the new face of success, meet Cathy Ariba. As a Michigan teenager, she dropped out of school but later earned her GED, but even then she didn’t have a high statistical chance of earning a livable wage. The Training Planet program saw potential in her. After six months of training and an internship, she began a full-time desktop support job earning over $50,000 a year as a contractor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. A recent study showed that getting young people trained and into the workforce can save a company a minimum of $14,000 per year, while adding thousands more to the economy due to the individual’s productivity.

This is proof of what can happen when organizations work to close the skills-gap in the workforce and pick up where the educational system may have dropped the ball.

The six-month training regimen at Training Planet Home Study and Certification City Boot Camp Classes includes available communication and professional skills-training in addition to computer hardware and software courses. believes that being on time and learning to work collaboratively with others is just as crucial for career success as knowing how to do a software install as a desktop support professional.

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