Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lessons for Life in the IT industry

Lessons for Life in the IT industry

What does it take to grow a career in the IT industry — and still have a personal life?
Work ethic foundations
“Be the Best” and “Be independent and self-sufficient.” 
“You never tell anybody how good you are. You just pick up your horn and play.” 

Early career lessons

“You don’t have the education, so go get the experience.” 
“People work with you, not for you” and “Just because people don’t think the way you do does not make them stupid.” 
“You alone are responsible for your success” and “You can make your job anything you want it to be.” 
“People want you for the values you possess more than your skills” 

Mid-career, Movin’ on Up Lessons

“Build on what you know.” 
“Fear is a great motivator.” 
“Keep your Boss’ Boss off your Boss’ back.” 

Maxims for Playing in the Big Leagues

“Shift from ‘do more with less’ to ‘optimize resources’ “ 
“Every move you make… they’re watching you” 
“You can’t avoid politics” and “Loyalty can be dangerous to your career” 
“Advocates are more important than mentors” 

Reality Check for Work Life Balance

“Make sure you make the right choice.” 

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