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Government Training Solutions

Government Solutions

MISSION:The mission of / GlobalNet Training is to supply government and military client partners worldwide with training that fulfills their complex and diverse requirements, through extensive program options and a variety of learning methods.
Government Power Program:
Our Government Power Program allows government and military organizations to purchase training with a government fund established specifically for your organization with GlobalNet Training and you will have GSA pricing applied against those funds paid into your Government Power Program for the classes you attend at our Dallas location. Program Features:
  1. Take advantage of any quarterly or end of the year funding availability along with provide discounted pricing for all the students enrolled without processing each time someone has a requirement.
  2. GlobalNet Training offers government clients an extensive training schedule of Cisco®, Security, Wireless, and Microsoft courses.
  3. Certified Trainers with technical expertise as well as real world experience along with many with military background clearances.
  4. The boot-camp schedule of training at GlobalNet Training also provides the government client with least out-of-office time.
  5. Candidates do not share training equipment at GlobalNet Training.
  6. Concentrated training and review. Free Exam Prep Questions.
  7. In-class testing.
  8. Test pass guarantee.
  9. GlobalNet Training has a new state-of-the-art corporate training location providing a superb educational environment.
  10. Hotel accommodations across the street from our training center, GlobalNet can make hotel reservations.
  11. Easy access to any need during the stay with us.
  12. GlobalNet Training supplies continental breakfast and lunch for each student attending training.
Military Training Programs: Purchase of Government Power Program
GlobalNet Training is an expert in the military IT training arena with the skills to build and host a variety of information technology programs and in a variety of formats.
Many of our programs are created to run in intense Training Boot Camp instructor led delivery formats, further offering real-world military experience and leveraging both military and IT training experience to define and deploy worldwide training programs utilizing all of that knowledge in the boot camp format to provide knowledge transfer for the particular initiatives targeted. Many of our instructors have Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence clearance.
We also offer customized training. Our dedicated government team begins with a skill and needs assessment. From there, we develop tailored or customized training to meet your specific requirements. All training is delivered by English speaking instructors.
GlobalNet offers flexible and cost effective delivery methods with on-site, virtual instructor-led and self-paced training options to meet varied geographical, technical and time limitation demands.
GlobalNet Training has developed IT network training programs specifically for military personnel. Our expert knowledge team has developed customized curriculum and tailored labs. Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, JNet, NIT, U-S Cavalry 1, JSF, along with extensive training for government contractor companies; have all benefited from our custom programs. We have built into our security courses the DoD STIGS to enable compliance with DoD security policies. FISMA and DoD Directive 8570GlobalNet Training’s government team will supply information regarding any training programs for government or military agencies to demonstrate and prove that personnel hold IT security competency with IT certifications reporting of their workforce requirements of IT related skill sets.
Skills based certification programs are targeted at these directive requirements for personnel providing information technology based work load in the administering of secure networks with the federal government agencies and the U. S. Department of Defense. The GlobalNet Training government training team can assist in the satisfaction of these requirements through our various certification programs and testing available.
Federal Government Training Programs: Purchase of Government Power Program
GlobalNet Training offers the Government Power Program to all federal agencies for the purchase of training. Current legislation requires federal managers to improve financial and executive management of resources in securing vital information through greater skill sets. This additional requirement of technical skills is with the security considerations to provide preservation of the most valuable asset of information.
The Government Power Program at GlobalNet Training allows for the funding of training in a specific account for your agency and applying training against those funds at the GSA schedule pricing. It eliminates processing time and resources by having it readily available.
State and Local Government Training: Purchase of Government Power Program
GlobalNet Training Government Power Program can also be utilized in the purchase of all state and local government training needs. This program will also ensure funds applied with setting up the funded account and applied to each purchase from our GSA schedule discounted pricing.
Private Training Classes:
GlobalNet Training will host private classes for your organization at our new state-of-the-art corporate location for the specific requirements needed and government and military clients may utilize their Government Power Program for payment. All of the infrastructure incorporated into our training will be utilized for successful training events to increase productivity.
On-Site Training Classes:
GlobalNet Training’s mission of global delivery of information technology training can be customized or in boot camp format so that all personnel receive the same training for the required skill sets needed to perform the mission. These can also be purchased through an annual or quarterly purchase of the Government Power Program. As an established learning and training roll out integrator, GlobalNet Training is experienced and specializes in logistical co√∂rdination of training solutions and implementations for government, military and enterprise clients.
On-Site Training Classes can include the following:
  • Customization Program
  • Certified Instructors
  • Individual Pods of Cisco® Routers, Switches
  • PIX Firewalls and ASA Devices
  • 24x7Access to Cisco® Equipment Pods
  • Extended Lab Time for maximum hands-on instruction
  • Real World Simulations
  • All books and class materials \Test Vouchers
  • Test Delivery
  • Free Prep Questions and review
    You only need to provide the training room with appropriate PC equipment and Internet connection.
GlobalNet Training recognizes the challenges of meeting those training requirement needs in the most expedient manner possible. We have utilized our Government Power Program with GSA pricing to make it easy for you to contract our services in a speedy manner.

GSA Schedule GS35FO499R is provided, along with the ability to purchase on government credit cards or through our direct wire information. To learn more about our Federal Training programs, contact us.

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